Witch for hire: solitary sin eater, bone readings, spiritual guidance, amulets & talismans. Hexes, love spells, & more.

***Frequently Asked Questions***

What do you do exactly?
-We’re a hoard of wolfdogs and witchery wandering the country in our tiny house while offering spells, poppets, amulets, divination, and sustainably sourced local works for metaphysical/occult purposes and appreciation. In our down time we thoroughly enjoy sharing memes.

How do you manage that?
-Our online shop lists our ready-to-ship offerings, as well as our made-to-order forms, but most of our work is commissioned case by case through consultations. As we’re on the road for about two thirds of the year, we’ll often offer specials and roadside vending in the various towns we pass through, which are generally announced the day of on our Instagram and Facebook page. We do offer in house services by request, such as energy readings, cleansing, and banishment. Usually our divination services are done via video chat, but can also be done in person, by phone, or email.

When is travel season?
-Travel season is approximately late April through late October, or as long as the weather will cooperate. We’re a restless bunch but unfortunately we’re required to stay in one place throughout the colder winter months, which is usually when we restock on ready-to-ship items for the online store.

Can you come to my area?
-Very likely! We base our route off of where and what we need to resupply, and pride ourselves on being able to source as much as we can locally, so our funds can support other small businesses. For example, if we’re using something for our spells/jewellery, we prefer to hand source the materials ourselves, literally digging up the crystals, or at the least, be able to know exactly who did and that it was fairly compensated for. Sustainability is a huge deal for us and the people we meet along the way are incredible!

Where do you usually travel?
-All over the continental United States! Our tiny house is designed for boondock camping, so we spend a lot of time in state/national parks and forests, places with limited or no cell/wifi reception. However, we regularly pass through small towns and major cities to restock supplies as needed. It’s not unusual to find the seven of us piled outside of a random cafe or local pet shop a couple times a month. If the five large fluffs don’t immediately give it away, we’re occasionally decked out in costume for fun, so we’re pretty easy to spot.

Are the pups friendly?
-With people, absolutely! ***HOWEVER*** children should approach slowly and wait before trying to pet them. These are large and incredibly enthusiastic beasts. Given the chance, they will bowl you over and lick you to death, and that may scare children who don’t understand animal etiquette, which in turn may spook our pack. While they’re more than adept at keeping our camp safe, they know that being in town means making so many friends. Don’t let the noise of them fool you, they never shut up and each one wants to be loved on so much they’ll argue with each other about who’s turn it is. 

Can we take photos?
-Yes! Everyone does it anyway, especially when we’re in costume. Tips are always appreciated and 100% of them go toward buying treats for the pups while we’re in town. Tag us in your posts! We love meeting new people, and divination services are always available in person.

How much do you charge?
-Depends on what you need. Consultations are always free, and in person services/sales are always at a discount because it saves us on shipping anyway. Our tiny house comes with us everywhere, so we always have our full range of supplies on hand for whatever you’re looking for.

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